A Balanced Life


A Balanced Life bracelet...

A feeling of peace inside, that feeling that all is well, comes when the elements of your life are in balance. Living in the extreme in any direction will always bring about times where the opposite extreme takes over. Like a pendulum that keeps swinging back and forth from one extreme to the other. It’s the law of physics that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. When life is lived in this way, we end up feeling like we are dragged through life by the events that occur. It’s hard to feel peaceful and relaxed inside when that’s the case.

Wisdom, however, comes from balanced living. When things are in balance, we are able to see any situation from multiple perspectives, and that makes our reaction to situations come from a place of understanding rather than fear. We have input from many different directions/sources so our understanding of the things that happen around us is deeper and more layered. Faith that it’s all working the way it should, and that it will be alright in the end, is much easier to embrace.

This bracelet is made from a combination of leather, 14k gold-filled and vermeil pieces, fine and sterling silver, and gemstones. The balance of gold and silver brings in a balance of sun and moon, male and female. The stones it contains are Turquoise (Father Sky, a stone of wisdom, healing, and wholeness, it helps you to integrate and embrace all of your life experiences); Coral (Mother Earth, brings balance to the emotions and brings in strong female protective energy); freshwater Pearl (soothing to the emotions and connected to the soothing and healing energy of the moon); and a bead containing Lapis Lazuli (connection to spiritual guidance, and a powerful aid to strengthen intuitive capabilities) and Malachite (good fortune, protection from negative energy, balance in relationships, and it’s said to be a “mirror of the soul”). At the center is a sterling silver ring that says BALANCE, and at the center

of that is a sterling silver mirror ball that represents

seeing your life from many different perspectives so that

wisdom is deepened. Next to the ring sits a dragonfly

made in fine silver by the Hill Tribe people in Thailand.

Dragonfly in many cultures represents the breaking down

of illusion so that only the Truth remains. Hanging from

the gold ring at the clasp is a laser etched buffalo nickel

charm representing the indigenous people for whom “All

Things In Balance” was and is a way of life.

Inside circumference when clasped is 8.25(as requested)